Meet The Makers

The idea for The Tooth Brigade was born when our twins began losing their teeth. We weren’t prepared for the Tooth Fairy’s visit and borrowed a tooth pillow. It was thick and lumpy with a tiny pocket for the tooth. Plus, it was shaped like a tooth.

We searched for a better solution, but couldn’t find anything we, or our kids, liked. So we created The Tooth Brigade: fresh, modern Tooth Fairy pillows. Ollie, Blue, and Potato are monsters who hold a lost tooth until The Tooth Fairy arrives. They are flat, plush toys with arms, legs, horns, and ears that make them easy to find in the dark. And their mouths are big enough to fit even larger Tooth Fairy fingers.

We also wrote and illustrated The Adventures of The Tooth Brigade: a tale about friendly monsters who help the Tooth Fairy. After doing a great job finding a lost tooth, she asked them to help her every night.

Since then, we have added more ways to celebrate the milestone of losing teeth. Our dream is to create other fun things for kids that will make certain moments in life more special. We also give back to children in need. Because life is better when we help each other along the way.

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