Baby teeth keep falling out and The Tooth Brigade is ready!

It’s been 202.5 days. Seven months. Over half a year. (Give or take.)


Back then, in another time and place, we were reading our book about the Tooth Fairy, The Adventures of The Tooth Brigade, to children in elementary schools. We were sharing our friendly monsters, which are also Tooth Fairy pillows, with retailers. And we were brainstorming on ways to share our idea with all parents. We wanted to let everyone know about our idea, a new way to celebrate the milestone of losing teeth. Suddenly our world, and everyone’s world, came to a screeching halt. So much uncertainty. Our brand new company had just launched. What should we do?


After taking some time to breathe and build up a bit of courage, we began to create again. We started working on a second book about The Tooth Brigade. This time it will include another culture’s traditions about losing teeth. The Tooth Brigade will meet another culture’s version of the Tooth Fairy and they will once again be very important helpers. We can’t wait to share this with you!


The world is upside down at times but it keeps on spinning. Children continue to lose teeth. And The Tooth Brigade has much work to do.


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