Give Kids A Smile Event at VCU Dental School

What a great day for kids and teeth! Give Kids A Smile is an event that offers dental care to children who do not have dental insurance. We were so honored to be part of such an amazing cause. Thank you VCU Dental School and the ADA for giving kids a smile!

We read our story, and had it TRANSLATED in real time by a wonderful volunteer spanish-speaker. We handed out dual-language activity books, and had multiple raffles. We drew pictures, talked about the tooth fairy, and, of course, clean teeth!




Dental care for children is always important, but a lot of people don't know how important baby teeth can be. They are place-holders for adult teeth, and if they fall out too soon, it can mean pain and sometimes surgery for children later on. So take care of those baby teeth!

The Coordinators of Give Kids A Smile [at VCU Dental School] wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone that helped make this year's event such a huge success! The numbers are in... and we're excited to share that the event was able to serve.... (drum roll please) 64 kids and provide $33,135 in free dental care!!! (: That is a lot of care and a lot of kids leaving with healthier smiles, so thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and efforts.


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